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Sitnikova Svetlana Viktorovna, Candidate of sociological sciences, associate professor, sub-department of social informatics, Saratov State University (83 Astrakhanskaya street, Saratov, Russia),

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Background. The increase of technological development has a major impact on the pace of life of contemporary citizens. This defines the necessity for rationaliza-tion of all its spheres. In this respect, leisure environment is no exception. The ra-tionale for our research is explained by the need for diagnostics of the criteria of or-ganizing modern family entertainment sites, which are the most important for con-temporary citizens. The aim of the research is to specify the conception of modern urban theme parks.
Materials and methods. Methodologically, the tasks were implemented with the help of a structure-functional approach. The specific character of modern family entertainment sites was analyzed on the basis of their functionality and peculiarities of their infrastructure components, which are the most important for a contemporary citizen. The results of the formalized poll of the Saratovites (n = 200) comprised the empiric basis.
Results. The analysis of the most significant characteristics and conditions for organizing urban sites for family entertainment was made in the framework of the research. The conception of urban theme parks was outlined. The article defines the importance of leisure sphere development projects and the criteria for organizing lei-sure space, and also specifies its main infrastructure zones.
Conclusions. The results of the research demonstrate a great value of modern leisure sphere development projects for citizens. The main arguments are connected with the low-level development of Saratov’s leisure sphere; the need for family en-tertainment sites, which are the alternative to shopping centers; and the growth of city’s tourist status. A park, being multifunctional by its meaning, is the universal family entertainment zone. Modern urban parks must meet the demands for both active and passive types of leisure activities by representatives of different social-demographic groups. The most important characteristics – environmental friendli-ness, safety, and transport accessibility – should be taken into consideration while creating such modern leisure projects.

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leisure, family recreation, infrastructure of of leisure zone.

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